We are a group of veteran telecom and contact center technologist, with over 60+ combined years experience.

We are here to make your dreams come true and match you up with the right technologies.

Mr. Fantastic Mr. Fantastic
Mr. Fantastic is just as you would assume…Fantastic! He is a Hero in the Contact Center Industry with over 30+ experience. He is the perfect mindshare buddy on the good, bad, and the ugly!
Ms. Energy Ms. Energy
Known for her high energy, Ms. Energy comes with an electrifying mindset and a contagious smile. She is sharp at finding solutions that meet your exact needs with over 17+ years in the telecom & contact center world.
Mr. Brilliant Mr. Brilliant
The Brains of the operations, Mr. Brilliant holds a wealth of knowledge. For the past 15+ years he has held many positions within contact centers. From Super Engineer to TechieHead, he is the ONE who holds the key!
" Best group of people to know in the industry. Oh and they make great event attractors!"
Mike E., Mike E.
"Positive and Energetic Gurus around contact center and customer experience initiatives."
Tom R., Tom R.


Get matched? Want to explore new technologies? We offer 60+ solutions through our ecosystem that can't compare.
Contact Center
Looking for new technology for your contact center? Allow us to assist with new providers….you will be impressed! We can even help with benchmarking and crowdtesting new technology!
Searching for a new PBX? Searching for new Carrier Technology? Come hang out with to learn some pretty cool new solutions out on the horizon that will blow your mind!
BPO Outsourcing
Thinking of outsourcing some or all of your contact center? Whether it’s onshore or offshore, we have the best of best solutions for you!
Artificial Intelligence
Interested in learning how AI can be leveraged? Want to explore the best AI solutions how today and the future of where it’s going?… We can help!
RFP Process
Need help writing an RFP for new contact center or telecom technology? Need help running an RFP? Need help finding the best providers?…. Look no further! We do this!
Get better visibility into your business with a world-class security surveillance solution….that run over your internet! Easy implementation, hassle-free maintenance.
Support & Expense Management
Need help managing all your telecom and contact center providers? Stop wasting time submitting tickets, waiting on hold, and not getting answers…. We do this all day, everyday and can help!
Digital & Customer Experience Innovation
Digital Age is here! Are you left behind? Gain your competitive advantage with the right strategies today!


You will get honest feedback. Sharp solution critiques. Fast responses. Reach out to us any time and day.
Allow us to do the work for you. Do you really have the time and money to look for new solutions. Google isn’t the answer. Paid analysts aren’t the answer. Matchmaking is the answer.
We can bring in as many solutions as you want, but we want to find the solutions that fit your UNIQUE environment, not solutions that make you conform.
Work hard, play hard. We are sharp and focused to help you find your perfect solutions and make you fall in love with them.
Largest Ecosystem
Not seeing a solution we offer…don’t hesitate to ask. Sometimes we have so many partners, we can’t list them all. If you dream it, we can find a way!
Ever read the book, “Think and Grow Rich” by Napolean Hill?… If not, then go read it RIGHT NOW. We want to be part of YOUR mind-share group. Use us for our knowledge, you have our permission.


Tell us what you are looking for? Need ideas? We have been waiting for you all day!

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" Best group of people to know in the industry. Oh and they make great event attractors!"
Mike E.
Mike E.,
"Positive and Energetic Gurus around contact center and customer experience initiatives."
Tom R.
Tom R.,
"The best group to work with around telecom and contact center knowledge. Fun people!"
Jose A.
Jose A.,
"Superstar Omnichannel Experts. My Go-to Guru's for contact center technology advice"
Hui W.
Hui W.,


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